Get your invite to Analytics Canvas private beta for Tableau!

Interested in Tableau server automation tools? We are building extensive support for the Tableau REST API in Analytics Canvas and we are excited to share it with some first, early, brave beta testers.

We are thrilled to offer new features like

  • Publish multiple data sources to multiple servers, multiple sites and projects in a single step, with advanced automation features
  • Use advanced features such as parameterization to dynamically generate TDEs based on rules, algorithms and data driven filters
  • Handle even the largest environments, including managing Development, QA and Production
  • What else do you need to do? We are excited to hear what you want to do with the powerful new Tableau Server API

These features are going to make a real impact on your work with Tableau 9.0: save your time and empower you to focus on what matters most!
Analytics Canvas provides a visual, drag and drop interface that makes manual Tabcmd batch file creation a thing of the past.

Would you like to be the first to try the new features, and to help shape what is possible with the new API? Register to apply for your private beta access now.

Note that only existing Tableau users with active Tableau server environments are going to be accepted in the first phase of the private beta. We are not ready to share it with every Tableau user just yet, but we hope to find companies that have lots of Tableau users and work with multiple servers that can really take advantage of the level of automation it will be capable of.

Please feel free to mention in the additional information anything that you think we should know to help us access requests for invitations (number of Tableau users, number of Tableau servers, number of data sources etc.)

Request an Invitation

To get access to Analytics Canvas private beta, contact us. If you already have a trial or subscription key, let us know in the message.

We will get back to you shortly, and look forward to helping you get the full advantage of Tableau REST API and discovering what is possible with Analytics Canvas!

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