How to connect to Amazon Redshift

How to connect to Amazon Redshift

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To connect to Amazon Redshift:
Step 1. Select “Amazon Redshift” from the New Source menu; the connection dialog for an Amazon Redshift database will appear.

Step 2. Provide Server URL (the endpoint of the Amazon Redshift cluster).

Note: Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open Amazon Redshift console. In the left navigation pane, click Clusters, and then click your cluster. Under Cluster Database Properties of your cluster, copy the endpoint part from the JDBC URL of the cluster.
For example, your JDBC URL could look like this:
Copy the endpoint part:

Step 3: Provide your database name.

Step 4: Provide your security credentials. Click “OK” to connect to the Redshift Database.

Step 5: Write an SQL query to get the data.
Alternatively, select a database table or view to import. Uncheck “Include all columns” option, and check boxes to specify which columns to include in your query (Optional). Click “OK”.
Amazon Redshift import block will appear on the Main Canvas.

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