Analytics Canvas Starter Plan

Step out of spreadsheets and experience the power of ETL software

Powerful software at an affordable price

Spending too much time downloading, copying and pasting data into standard reporting templates? Convinced that you can do more with Google Analytics data? The Starter Plan comes loaded with features.

  • Extract data from Google Analytics

    Make custom queries and access all of your data from the Google Analytics API without writing a single line of code.

  • Connect to files

    Read data from Excel, Text files and Google Sheets, then write back to databases, dashboards or files.

  • Connect to databases

    Native connectors to Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle. Access other databases through ODBC.

  • Automate Excel dashboards and reports

    Create new dashboards or connect existing ones and update them in one click. No more Macros, no need for developers or custom code.

  • Get your data ready for Tableau

    Clean and prep your data, then generate TDE and TWBX files. Upload to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

  • Email dashboards and datasets

    Any file generated with Canvas can be emailed to one or more stakeholders when the job is complete.

$49/mo per user

The Starter Plan is designed for those with a small number of Google Analytics accounts. It is licensed on a per-user basis and each license includes:

  • Access to 1 unique Google Analytics account (unique UA-xxxxx code) and all of the Properties and Views contained within it
  • Google Analytics Core Reporting, Data Upload and Multi-Channel Funnel APIs
  • Bing Ads API
  • Import and Export to Excel, Text, and Google Sheets files
  • Import and Export to Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and ODBC
  • Generate Excel dashboards from your templates
  • Generate TDE and TWBX files
  • Upload to Tableau Server and Tableau Online
  • Email dashboards and files generated by Canvas

Add additional user licenses to your plan for just $49/mo. Add additional Google Analytics accounts for just $49/mo to a maximum of $294/mo. Need access to more than 6 Google Analytics accounts?  Check out our Pro Plan.

To analyze data from more than one Google Analytics account simply connect the account and start analyzing. Billing is automated so you only pay for the number of unique Google Analytics accounts queried each month.

Ready to start your subscription?

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