Fully in control of client reporting!

One workspace for the agency, separate workspaces for each client, pricing that works for everyone.

from just


per additional client per month

* available as an add-on to Pro or Premium Plan.

Central management for the agency

Create separate workspaces to organize reporting for high-value clients, restrict access to account teams, collaborate on data workflows alongside clients, monitor quota, manage budget, manage users, and more!

Separate client workspaces

Each client has their own workspace, separate from all others. All data is in it's own BigQuery dataset, rather than the shared workspace for your agency.

Separate client quota

Each client has their own quota management system for work within Analytics Canvas, including budget and query cost controls over their GA4 and other BigQuery projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Client Workspace?

A Client Workspace is just like a regular Analytics Canvas subscription only it is administered by an agency.  It is linked to the agency's Pro plan subscription, only it has it's own BigQuery Dataset within Analytics Canvas where only data for that client is stored and processed.

Only those users at an agency who have been granted permission to the workspace can log-in to it. Since it is an entirely separate workspace, client's can log-in to their Client Workspace and only see their own data and related workflows.  As such, they can collaborate with the agency, and manage the workflows as needed.

Quota is tracked separately from the main agency subscription to allow each client's usage to be monitored and budgeted for separately (one client will not consume the quota from another, as might happen in a shared workspace).

How much is each Client Workspace?

A Client Workspace must have a minimum of 1x Giga Cloud quota, or $99/mo. Additional quota can be assigned and billed to the Client Workspace if required, however most clients will be fine within the 1x level of Giga Cloud quota.

You may allocate user licenses to members of the agency or to a client within a Client Workspace. Beyond the 3 users included in your plan, you will be billed $49/mo per additional user.

For example, a Client Workspace with 1x Giga Cloud quota and 1 additional user would be an additional $148/mo on your agency's subscription.

Does each client require their own Workspace?

No!  Separate workspaces are available for those who would like them.  If the client does not want a login to collaborate or manage workflows, and if they are fine with their data being in the shared workspace (available only to the agency), they do not need their own workspace.

Who owns the Client Workspace?

The agency owns the client workspace and is the customer of Analytics Canvas.  All work produced within the workspace belongs to the agency's subscription.  If the client wants to convert the Client Workspace into their own subscription, where they are billed by Analytics Canvas directly, the agency would have to direct us to separate the workspace from the agency subscription.

What kind of training and support is available?

We pride ourselves delivering great customer service to our agency customers. We will assign a product specialist to your agency and they will help get your team up to speed with the software so that you can master the tool and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

We have documentation, getting started videos and tutorials available on our website that are continuously updated, and you can always contact us for a live demo, training, or onboarding session.

How does billing work?

Billing is done monthly by credit card. Your agency account is billed at the beginning of your monthly subscription period and every 30 days thereafter. You are billed for the Pro plan at $299/mo which gives you 3 user licenses and unlimited access to the UA, GA4, Search Console, and Google Ads connectors for your agency and your clients.  You are also billed for each Client Workspace.

Whether you use the Client Workspace or your Agency subscription's shared workspace, your client is not billed by BigQuery for the work you do within Analytics Canvas.  By using the Analytics Canvas service account to connect to BigQuery, you ensure that all query charges are directed to your agency's subscription and the appropriate Client Workspace.

Can we still use Canvas Desktop?

Yes! Each user can use both the Desktop and Online applications. User licenses are found within the Online application and sent to users upon account creation.

How do I setup my Agency subscription?

Contact us and we will set it up for you within the business day.

Can we import templates into Client Workspaces?

Soon! The same agencies who helped us to develop the client workspace model have told us how important it is to be able to develop and re-use templates.  We are working on this and will implement it soon!

Does the data have to stay in the Analytics Canvas BigQuery project?

No! Client’s can mirror their data into their own Google Cloud account or replicated to other systems at any time (continuously, monthly, on leaving Canvas, etc). There is no lock-in.  If the client want's the data directed ingested into, stored, and processed in their own BigQuery projects, they require their own Enterprise plan.

How do User licenses work?

Any person who uses Analytics Canvas Desktop or logs into Analytics Canvas Online, even on a shared machine or using a shared login, requires their own user license.  The Agency / Pro plan comes with 3 user licenses that can be allocated to people at the agency or at the client for use in a Client Workspace. Agency users can access one or more workspaces, however client's can only login to their own Client Workspace.  Users are managed by the agency within the User admin section of their subscription.  Additional users are billed at $49/mo in increments of 1 month.