Latest Analytics Canvas released at Tableau Conference 2015

James StandenAnalytics, Analytics Canvas Tool

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Analytics Canvas, and to be doing it here in Las Vegas at the Tableau Conference 2015.

We are here with 12,000 other Tableau fanatics getting ready for the major Tableau event of the year.

We’re looking forward to showing off our Data Kung FU, and to meeting lots of new data folks- If you are at the conference be sure to stop by our Booth (#502), check out the latest Canvas, and grab a data T-Shirt.

This version adds a serious set of new capabilities and is even more tightly integrated with Tableau.

More Tableau Power than ever

  • Generate TWBX files based on data (including Canvas generated TDE files) and TWB templates
  • Automatically email TWBX, TDE (as well as any other files) after generation
  • Publish TDE and TWBX files to Tableau server and Online

TWBX Generation

TWBX is a powerful and useful format for Tableau files- it lets you package up a data snapshot directly into the file, and deliver it quickly via either Tableau Server, Online or direct by email or file sharing. Analytics Canvas can now generate multiple TWBX files directly and automatically. You can manage multiple TWBX delivery at once, build them all with a single click.


Email TWBX and TDE

This version of Canvas also expands functionality in the “I don’t want to be doing this mindless reporting work” category- with the ability to now completely automate those TWBX (or Excel) reports you have to send every week/month. You’ve always been able to use canvas to generate the files in one click, but then you still had to click away in your email to get everything in place. Now don’t even do that. Just get down to real analysis, knowing that Canvas will extract the data, fix it, generate all the Excel and/or Tableau files you need, AND send them.


Publish to Tableau Server and Tableau Online

Analytics Canvas can now publish TDEs and TWBXs to any number of Tableau servers, projects and to Tableau Online. This ability to completely automate the update of all your analytics goodness will save huge time- and for the information technology department it means that everything can be completely integrated into enterprise systems- without having to custom develop to the Tableau Rest API.


We will be posting more detail on all these features and more in the coming days and weeks.

So download your free trial now and discover everything V1.7.7 has to offer!