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Using the GA4 BigQuery connector with Analytics Canvas Online

The GA4 BigQuery Connector for Analytics Canvas Online is designed to help you make valid SQL queries by simply using an intuitive user interface to select the dimensions, metrics, segments, and time frame of your query.

To access this connector, sign-in to Canvas Online, open a Canvas, then drag and drop the Google Analytics data source on to your Canvas.  You can select from a UA query, a GA4 API query, or a GA4 BigQuery SQL query.

If you haven't already done so, you will need to permit Analytics Canvas to read data from your GA4 BigQuery property.  To do so, follow the instructions found here to allow your Analytics Canvas Service account to access your GA4 project in BigQuery. 

After selecting one or more properties, click "Next Step" to advance to the query builder.  Here you can select dimensions, metrics, and segments to add to your query.  The SQL will be automatically generated for you. 

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