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BingAds - Adding a new authorization in Analytics Canvas

BingAds connectors required a change in scope in order to continue accessing and returning data.  The Analytics Canvas BingAds connector has been updated.  In order to use the new connector on your existing canvases, follow these steps.

  1. Take a back-up of any existing Canvas files that use the BingAds connector 
  2. Make sure all open instances of Canvas are closed.  Verify in the Windows Task Manager. 
  3. Uninstall Canvas from the Windows Control Panel
  4. Download and install the version found here: https://downloads.analyticscanvas.com/AnalyticsCanvasSetupV4_1_8_B11.msi 
  5. Open Analytics Canvas from the Windows Start menu.  Do not open an existing Canvas - you should be in a blank Canvas with no other Canvas files open. 
  6. Go to Accounts > Manage Accounts
  1. Take a screenshot showing the existing BingAds credentials.  Note the exact spelling of the name including all spaces, capital letters, and any special characters.
  1. Select the bingAds credential(s), then click “Remove”
  1. Go to Accounts > Authorize new accounts > BingAds and authorize the same account that was used previously
  1. When asked to provide a label, make it the EXACT SAME as the one that was removed.  In this case for this example, it would be “BingAds_nModal_June21_2022”.  In your case it will be different - please use your label(s).   Repeat this step for all BingAds authorizations.
  1. Open a Canvas with an existing BingAds authorization.  It should now open and run.

*** Note:  If you are using the beta version of Analytics Canvas, the authorization token will only last for 1 hour.  After the hour, you will get an error message.  Repeat steps 6 - 10 and you can resume making BingAds queries. 

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