Activating the .Net Framework required for Analytics Canvas

Analytics Canvas requires the .Net framework 4.7.2 to be installed. This is installed by default on Windows 7, and is available on Windows 8 and 10, but may need to be activated.

Windows 10

To activate the framework on windows 10, go to the control panel.

You can do this via the start menu, or by doing the following:

a) Press “Windows Logo” + “R” keys on the keyboard.
b) Type “appwiz.cpl” in the “Run” command box and press “ENTER”.
c) In the “Programs and Features” window, click on the link “Turn Windows features on or off”.


Then you will see a list of features- find .net Framework 4.7.2


Note that different features might be checked on your machine- don’t change any other than the .net 4.0- Check the .net Framework 4.0 checkbox and hit OK.

You may then be asked to download needed files- click on this option to get the Windows feature.


It will take a number of minutes to install the framework- let this process complete:


Once this is done, you can then install Analytics Canvas by running the .msi file.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need any assistance- we’re happy to help!

Windows 8 and Windows 7

To activate the framework on windows 8 and windows 7, go to the Control Panel, and select “Programs” You will need to be connected to the internet when you do this, as windows update may need to download information.

Then, select “Turn windows features on or off”;

And you will see in the features list, the .net 4.7.2 framework. If this is not selected, you should select it and press ok.

If windows update needs to download information, you may see this prompt- select “Download files from Windows Update”

This process may take a few minutes, and in some cases you may need to reboot your PC for the changes to take effect. Once this is done, you will be able to install Analytics Canvas.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you should have any questions or issues and we’d be happy to help you out.