Powered by Analytics Canvas Online- now in private beta. The future of Sheets/BigQuery integration is here.

Go beyond the spreadsheet...with or without writing SQL!

Analytics Canvas is a graphical environment where you create data flows using blocks and connectors, easily configuring what you want to do with your data and letting the platform generate all the BigQuery SQL required.

  • Connect to multiple Google Sheets, even from multiple Google accounts
  • Connect to tables in BigQuery, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or Postgres 
  • Work with datasets of any size
  • Write familiar Excel or Google Sheets expressions to process data in BigQuery
  • Instantly preview results at every step of your workflow
  • Blend and prepare data in a visual, no code environment 
  • Export your data back to Google Sheets, to BigQuery, Data Studio or other databases

No more reading through pages of SQL hunting for the one syntax error that's breaking your code! Even those with advanced SQL skills agree- Canvas lets you develop your query faster and more efficiently than using the BigQuery console. Once built, you can schedule workflows, trigger them with web-hooks, and so much more.  Try the all new Analytics Canvas Online today!

Try the all new Analytics Canvas Online

Analytics Canvas Online is in Private Beta.  Sign-up to be among the first to try the most affordable online data-prep tool, designed for Sheets users like you.