Google Analytics now supports cost data upload

Analytics Canvas provides a powerful tool for data consolidation and analysis, and with Google Analytics’ newest API capabilities, can upload data directly into GA.

Just as Ad Words data is linked into Google Analytics, now calculating ROI on all sources of marketing spend is possible. This enables data driven decisions that optimize the performance of all aspects of your campaigns.


Analytics Canvas connects multiple sources of marketing spend, including direct, email, social, mobile and ad data, with your Google Analytics profiles. The platform enables marketing teams to:

  • Automate reporting to let resources focus on optimization analysis, rather than spreadsheet cut and paste.
  • Connect and integrate web data with enterprise data and business intelligence systems.
  • Easily manage data for large, sophisticated digital campaigns.

Want to get your hands on it right now?

Sign-up for a risk free trial and check out the detailed tutorial that shows you exactly how you can upload into Google Analytics.

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