Evolution of the Google Analytics API

Google Analytics APIGoogle Analytics has seen a number of significant changes and enhancements in the previous months, showing Google’s commitment to this powerful tool. Google has also announced evolutions that will occur in regards to the Google Analytics API.

Analytics Canvas uses the Google Analytics API to give un-equaled access to your Google Analytics Data.

There are two parts to the API- the Management API, and the Data Feed API.

Google is doing a staged approach to their evolution, and as a result, the Management and data APIs are being upgraded in phases. This means that we must evolve Analytics Canvas in phases as well.

Phase 1- The Management API

In phase 1, the previous version of the management API (V2.3) is being discontinued, and V2.4 and V3.0 are being activated.

Phase 2 – The Data API

In phase 2, the Data API is also upgraded, with V2.4 and V3.0 available.

Why two versions?

V2.4 is a legacy version, that while not exactly the same as V2.3, is largely backward compatible. However, it is necessary to upgrade to V1.2.5 of Analytics Canvas to use V2.4.

V3.0 is significantly different (and better)

Key advantages to V3.0

  • Will be faster.
  • Will use JSON for the data feed, which is more compact.
  • Will now be part of the Google Analytics API infrastructure enhancing capabilities.

Because of the phased approach, it will be necessary to ensure that you are running the latest version of Analytics Canvas.

We’re excited about the new functionality, and we’re enhancing Analytics Canvas to take advantage of it, so you’ll find that the upgrades bring increased features with them as well.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@analyticscanvas.com with any questions, we’d like to hear from you.