Getting your Google Analytics data and databases together

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool, analytics database, Google Analytics Data

While Google analytics is a great way to collect data about web traffic, there is lots of data in other places that you probably need to be looking at too.

Where is it? It’s in databases and files.

  1. in that SQL Server database that marketing uses to track all its promotions
  2. in that MS Access database over in sales where they keep track of all those product attributes
  3. in that funky web application that half your customers are using that stores everything in MySQL.
  4. in the Excel spreadsheet that just arrived in your inbox.

Pulling it all together in one place

Analytics Canvas is a new tool that gives you a new way to combine all that data, and make it work for you.

Analytics canvas connects directly to Google Analytics using the Google data API, so it can pull HUGE amounts of data out- and it also connects to databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access as well as providing easy access to data in Excel and text files.

On top of that, Analytics canvas also exports data out to the same databases. Making it possible to integrate google analytics data into your other systems.

Give it a try with your database data with a free trial.