SQL Builder for the GA4 BigQuery Export

No need for courses, recipes, or cookbooks - just dial in your query with a few simple clicks! This industry leading GA4 BigQuery SQL Connector will save you hours upon hours of valuable time.


GA4 BigQuery SQL Builder: build your queries in seconds!

The BigQuery export for GA4 is the most robust source for GA4 reporting and analysis. However, learning the SQL required to extract meaningful insights is no easy task and having to write SQL each time you want to dial in a query for analysis can really slow your flow.

For GA4, do you wish you could:

  • make any query you want, whenever you want in just a few seconds?
  • store your GA4 data in SQL Server, BigQuery, or Snowflake?
  • blend your GA4 data with other data sources, like your CRM?
  • combine data from multiple GA4 properties?
  • analyze your GA4 data without writing SQL?
  • report on your GA4 data in Tableau, PowerBI, or Data Studio without racking up the costs?


We’re building a graphical GA4 BigQuery query builder that will automatically generate and run BigQuery SQL on your GA4 event tables!

Canvas even offers pre-calculated dimensions and metrics built on top of the [GA4] BigQuery Export schema, like Landing Page Path and Sessions. 

Just dial in your query by selecting dimensions and metrics and let Canvas do the rest.  Analytics Canvas generates the required SQL, runs the query, and returns an optimized Smart Table with your results.

You can then preview the data, profile it, process it with data blocks, schedule it for automatic refresh, and publish report tables to your BigQuery project, to Data Studio, Tableau, or your data warehouse. 

If you would like to learn more, and to participate in the private beta, sign up using the form on this page.  

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    We'll notify you when the GA4 Query Builder for the BigQuery Export is available for testing in Analytics Canvas.

    GA4 BigQuery Query Builder

    Analytics Canvas provides a visual interface for connecting to GA4 properties, dialing in queries, and landing results in 'smart tables' on your Canvas.  You can then profile, process, and analyze your data before sending it off to dashboards and reports.


    Shown above is the visual query builder which shows just how quickly you can generate queries with Analytics Canvas. 

    What's more, Canvas enhances the resulting tables by:

    • automatically storing them within your Analytics Canvas account for processing and analysis
    • storing them in date-partitioned tables that are optimized for querying 
    • keeping them updated with incremental loads that account for data reprocessing
    • versioning them to allow for quick roll-backs when things change or are not as expected 
    • linking to each workflow that uses them 
    • locking them for changes when they're used in automation workflows
    • allowing you to add and remove views without affecting the underlying data that has already been stored

    Canvas makes all this available with a graphical user interface where you don't have to write a single line of SQL! 

    The Query Builder is now in Private Beta! Sign-up to let us know you're interested and we'll get you into the beta program!