Explore our Google Analytics capabilities

Backup Universal Analytics Data

This early release video is intended to give you an overview of how the Universal Analytics backup utility works. The video displays the Beta version of the software, while the webinar shows the latest release.

Overcome GA4 API Limits

Analytics Canvas has best-in-class connectors to the GA4 Data API and Looker Studio. Watch how it connects to GA4 Properties and works within the token system to deliver your data to Looker Studio. 

No-code GA4 BigQuery Connector.

The Analytics Canvas BigQuery SQL builder for GA4 is now available to all within Analytics Canvas Online. Watch how Canvas writes the SQL and lands your data in the most cost efficient way possible! 

Webinar Replays

We hosted webinars for the UA backup tool and to showcase our GA4 Reporting capabilities using both the API and the BigQuery Event Export.

In the recorded webinars, you'll learn how to backup your UA data in a usable format, how to blend that data together with GA4 data for continuous or comparison reports, and how to overcome the challenges with the GA4 API and BigQuery export.

Each recording includes a live demo showing our UA Backup Utility, our GA4 API connector and pipeline to Looker Studio, and our connector for the GA4 BigQuery event export.

UA Backup

In this recorded webinar, we discuss the options available for backing up UA data, showcase our UA backup utility, create a backup during a live demo, and show you the outputs in BigQuery, Excel, etc. 

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Get the UA Backup slides + 5 slide summary here.


This webinar introduces you to Analytics Canvas and the world of no-code data-prep software. It will focus on the main application and using the GA4 API and BigQuery connectors together with Looker Studio.

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Get a copy of the onboarding slides.

GA4 API + BigQuery

This webinar, run weekly, will introduce you to GA4 reporting options for using the API and BigQuery export.  We'll review the challenges with each and how they are resolved using Analytics Canvas.

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Get the GA4 Reporting slides.