Multiple currency ecommerce reporting

With almost one hundred of the worlds most prestigious hotels under the Fairmont brand, ecommerce gets done in a number of currencies. To avoid hours of export, cut and paste, Fairmont can use Analytics Canvas to extract data from multiple profiles and convert to multiple currencies with multiple rates.

Web application integration to enhance analytics value

OptMeIn has a powerful permission based marketing solution that lets online vendors reach their customers directly, letting the customer pick their preferred social media or communication platform. They take advantage of Analytics Canvas to deliver reporting and analysis to their clients.

Data normalization and report optimization

The MDIF has invested in over 90 independent news businesses in over 30 countries since 1996. With data flowing to them in a variety of different formats, compiling and normalizing all that data was a huge undertaking that involved repetitive processes. To improve accuracy and drastically reduce report production time, MDIF uses Analytics Canvas to combine data, automate reports, and perform analyses that were previously impossible given their time constraints and the limitations of Excel.


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