Automatically Generated Excel Dashboards

No more manual, copy and paste madness. Define your steps once and repeat them on schedule.

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A Powerful Visual Data Platform

Access APIs and merge Google Analytics data with internal data sources

Query and analyze hundreds of sites at once to produce reports using a visual interface

Generate custom Google Analytics based dashboards automatically

Automate The Easy Way

gather data for custom Google Analytics based dashboardsNo Coding Required
No need to know SQL or VBA, the visual interface makes it easy for anyone to create and automate complex and visually stunning dashboards and reports.

visually create custom Google Analytics based dashboardsBuilt In Documentation
The canvas allows you to plan your analysis while leaving a documented trail behind each number showing data sources and calculations.

automate custom Google Analytics based dashboardsRefresh On Demand
Update dashboards with the click of a mouse or use command line automation to schedule reports based on business requirements.

Easy Setup

Why should you need to gather data and cut and paste to update dashboards? With Analytics Canvas you don't. You simply take your old report, turn it into a template and schedule it to update automatically.

Automating reports is not rocket science.

1: Take an existing report and make it a template.
2: Set Analytics Canvas to populate the data ranges.
3: Schedule report generation and refresh your dashboards frequently.

Learn more

Watch a tutorial to see how to set up report automation with Analytics Canvas.

Download our report automation tutorial in PDF.

Read the related documentation.

Analytics Canvas is helping people automate their reporting process.

The automation add-on is worth checking out, and if you run into difficulty, James and team will help out.June Li, Click Insight

After switching to Analytics Canvas, the time spent on monthly reporting went from weeks to just hours.Jon Atteberry, Tech Target

Powerful tool and excellent customer support. Great for obtaining unsampled data and automating reports.Hadrien Dykiel, PTC

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