Analytics Canvas Desktop Cloud Automation

Automate data workflows made with Analytics Canvas Desktop for Windows


No Hardware, No IT Required

Setting up your own servers or VMs to run data tasks can be a costly, time-consuming exercise. Worse is having to share that server and fight for the resources needed to run your jobs.

With Analytics Canvas Desktop Cloud Automation, you design and publish your workflows and we take care of the rest. No more conflicts over shared machines, no more waiting for updates, no technical expertise required.


Instantly Publish And Sync From Your Desktop to The Cloud

Everything you need to automate your tasks is available to you right within the application. Once your files are up in the Cloud, you or your colleagues can sync them to your desktop, modify as needed, and publish to get your changes into the next scheduled run.


Run on Demand or On Your Schedule

Push large data processing jobs up to our cloud automation service and free-up your system to do other things, like shut-down and go home! Run ad-hoc reports on-demand and schedule routine tasks to keep data and dashboards up to date.


High Frequency Cloud Automation

Enable near real-time automation by refreshing dashboards as frequently as every 10 minutes.  Create those dashboard displays around the office or warehouse to get near real-time visibility on your data.

Cloud Automation is included in every plan and plans start at just $49/mo. Whether you just want your monthly dashboards kept up to date, or you're a power-analyst, monitoring your metrics throughout the day, Analytics Canvas has a plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my local databases?

Ensure that your database can be accessed from outside of your local environment. You may need to check with IT or your DB Administrator first. If you've got the green light, drop us a line with the type of DB you're using and we should be able to offer some guidance.

How do I get my file outputs back?

Using one of our Cloud File Sharing connectors, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage, you can have your files delivered back to your machine or to your account. If you're not using one of the connectors we have available, you can always configure Canvas to email your file back to you.

What is a Package?

A Package consists of one or more Canvas files, together with any supporting files needed to run each Canvas. For example, if your Canvas generates an Excel dashboard, your template file would be included with the package.

Where is the data hosted?

We use the Microsoft Azure Platform in North America and will have a European instance as well. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Who has access to my Canvas files?

You and anyone you have invited to your account.

How often can I run cloud automation packages?

As frequently as every 10 minutes! Your subscription will determine how frequently you can run packages and how many can be run each month. Learn More about the available plans and pricing.