Have you ever wished you could seamlessly, automatically transfer data from Google Sheets to Excel

Use Analytics Canvas to connect Google Spreadsheet to Excel

Analytics Canvas lets you connect to Google Spreadsheets to extract data from multiple sheets. If you are taking advantage of Google Forms and sheets to collect data and collaborate, Analytics Canvas provides a powerful way to get that data in Google Sheets to where it is needed automatically.

  • No Coding Required
    Create and automate exports from Google Spreadsheets to Excel workbooks without complicated API calls or web scraping techniques.
  • Schedule Tasks
    Define frequency and automatically run canvases on your schedule so that spreadsheets of both types can be kept up to date.
  • Enterprise Integration
    With database connectivity, it is possible to link enterprise databases to both Google Spreadsheets and Excel at the same time.
  • Powerful Analysts Tools
    Powerful desktop application is easy to install and use, making integration possible for anyone.