Automate Excel Dashboards and Reports

Imagine automating your Excel report without writing a single line of code

Report Automation Made Easy

Analytics Canvas is designed for those who think visually.  It is a platform that allows you to develop a step-by-step reporting workflow, ensuring that your report is completed the same way each time its run.  

No Coding Required
No SQL or VBA knowledge required; a visual interface lets you drag and drop blocks and write simple formulas.

Step-by-Step Visual Workflow
Plan your analysis while leaving a documented trail behind each number that shows all data sources and data transformations.

Refresh On Demand
Update dashboards with a click of a mouse or automate the reporting to run on your servers or in our cloud.

No More Developers, No More Copy and Paste Mistakes

Connect data - Automate Excel Dashboards and Reports

Connect data from multiple sources on a single canvas, including Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, Databases, and selected APIs

Automate Excel Dashboards and Reports

Combine and prepare the data using visual data blocks. Perform calculations, deduplicate records, filter out bad rows and setup your Excel file for delivery by email, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

Visual interface - Automate Excel Dashboards and Reports

With your workflow setup, run the report on demand, or schedule it to run on our cloud or on your servers.

Anyone Can Automate Excel Reports

The automation add-on is worth checking out, and if you run into difficulty, James and team will help out.June Li, Click Insight

After switching to Analytics Canvas, the time spent on monthly reporting went from weeks to just hours.Jon Atteberry, Tech Target

Powerful tool and excellent customer support. Great for obtaining unsampled data and automating reports.Hadrien Dykiel, PTC

Committed to Your Success

New to ETL software and not sure where to start? We're here to support you every step of the way.

We are committed to your success and have articles and videos to help.  For a more hand-on approach, we're available by email, phone, and web-conference to help ensure you can fully automate your reporting process.

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