Analytics Canvas Version 3.3.3 Released

Ameet Wadhwani Analytics Canvas Tool

We are pleased to announce the release of Analytics Canvas V3.3.3 featuring a significant enhancement to our Google Data Studio Community Connector!

New in Analytics Canvas Version 3.3.3

We first launched our Data Studio connector in 2017 and were one of the first 10 developers to be invited to develop and launch the Community Connector Program.  Since then we’ve seen great success, inviting in new customers eager to:

  • get their data from Microsoft SQL Server, RedShift, and other DBs into Data Studio 
  • get unsampled Google Analytics data from one or more accounts
  • improve report performance and decrease load on their databases

Over the years we’ve heard the concerns that businesses are having with using Data Studio, specifically the native connectors to Sheets and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.  Issues with Sheets tend to be related to performance (dashboards slow to update) and data size limitations. With databases, concerns tend to focus on connectivity, unpredictable and heavy database load, and management of access to appropriate tables within the database. 

Today we’re announcing our solution to those challenges, as well as an enhancement that will allow our customers to experience the speed and power of BigQuery. 

Analytics Canvas Community Connector now Powered by BigQuery!

We have taken advantage of the new Data Studio Advanced Services to optimize Data Studio performance when connecting to data through BigQuery.


What does that mean? 


It means that when publishing your data to the Analytics Canvas Community Connector, the data is now hosted in BigQuery and brought into Data Studio through the Analytics Canvas connector.  


You now have performance that rivals the BigQuery connector … because it IS BigQuery under the hood! 


Best of all, you don’t need to have your own BigQuery account - and all BQ storage and processing is included in your subscription! 

Also in This Release

Bing Ads API V13
Included in this release is the new BingAds API V13. Microsoft announced in September that V12 of the API will be sunset by October 31st. Existing Canvas users have been notified, provided with an early release, and must update prior to October 31st in order to continue using the BingAds API without interruption.

Service accounts for connecting to BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage
Google now recommends using Service Accounts to connect to BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage. As a result, Canvas now includes those methods as the primary way to connect. Canvas will continue to support the OAuth method of authentication as long as it is supported by Google.

Get Analytics Canvas Version 3.3.3

If you’re new to Analytics Canvas, sign-up to get your unlimited, full featured, 30 day free trial.  You can pull millions of sessions of unsampled data, process it, and cruise through that data in Data Studio - no credit card, no sales call required!

Free Trial

If you’re an existing user of Analytics Canvas, simply uninstall your current version through the Windows Control Panel, then download and install the latest version.  All of your settings and authorizations will remain in-tact.  

We’re here to help you get started with Canvas or with any of the new features.  Email with your questions or use our meeting-planner to book a call.

Happy Analyzing!