Analytics Canvas V3.5.8 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Analytics Canvas V3.5.8 featuring another significant enhancement to our Google Data Studio Data Connector and more cloud quota across the board!

Increased Quota On All Plans

As we prepare for the launch of Analytics Canvas Online we have changed the label on a key metric involved in cloud quota. Since the Online version of Analytics Canvas and the Analytics Canvas data connector for Google Data Studio both use the same infrastructure, we've grouped them together under the label "Online Bytes".

We have also increased cloud quota under each of the three tiers, Mega Cloud (Free), Giga Cloud ($99/mo) and Tera Cloud ($499/mo) to allow for more use of Data Studio and Analytics Canvas Online under each plan.

The Mega Cloud (free) quota sees Online Bytes increase from 50GB to 100GB per month, while storage increases from 500MB to 100GB. The Giga Cloud quota, which can be purchased in multiple increments, sees Online Bytes increase from 200GB to 1TB and storage increase from 250GB to 500GB. The Tera Cloud plan sees Online Bytes increase from 2TB to 15TB per month.

Faster Data Studio Dashboards

"Data Studio Dimensional Caching" is a fancy way of saying we've made a significant improvement to the way the Analytics Canvas Data Studio connector responds to requests for data.

When a report is refreshed, Data Studio sends a query to the underlying data connector, which then processes the request and responds with the relevant data set. For sufficiently large tables, and when the option is enabled, the Analytics Canvas connector will now cache the response.

The next time the report is refreshed, rather than querying the full dataset for each element of the report, Canvas simply responds with the cached results, saving significant time and significant Online Bytes of cloud quota.

Get Analytics Canvas Version 3.5.8

If you’re an existing user of Analytics Canvas, simply uninstall your current version through the Windows Control Panel, then download and install the latest version.  All of your settings and authorizations will remain in-tact. 

Get Version 3.5.8

If you’re new to Analytics Canvas, sign-up to get your full featured, 30 day free trial. It even includes a generous cloud quota to ensure you can conduct a complete and thorough evaluation.

We’re here to help you get started with Canvas or with any of the new features.  Email with your questions or use our meeting planner to request a support call.

Happy Analyzing!

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