Analytics Canvas V2.0 Released

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Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Analytics Canvas 2.0!

A big thanks to our customers for bringing us their feedback and suggestions, our beta testers for their commitment and enthusiasm, and to the growing team at nModal that has helped bring version 2 to life.

This release represents a significant change to Analytics Canvas and includes updates and enhancements that lay the foundation for major changes happening this year and next.

New In Analytics Canvas Version 2.0

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Open and run multiple canvases at once
  • Better, faster ways to access your data in BigQuery
  • Updates to APIs and connectors

More Data, Faster!

The most significant changes are under the hood. Canvas now makes better use of your available memory to optimize performance and manage larger data sets. While Canvas can't make data come through your network or out through an API any faster, summarize, joins, filters and other data transformation steps are performed significantly faster, 70%+ for those with 8GB of RAM or more.

Running Multiple Canvases at Once

Pro and Premium customers can now run multiple instances of Canvas desktop at the same time! A highly requested feature that required a significant investment in architecture to ensure your jobs and your system remain stable.

More Value In Analytics Canvas Premium

Analytics Canvas Premium now includes BigQuery SQL generation for Analytics 360 and the Parameterization add-ons. Existing customers have already been price protected and will see the lower charge on their next subscription payment.

With more people connecting to Google BigQuery for their GA and internal data, we've made enhancements that make it easier than every before to connect to your BigQuery projects.

Additional Updates

This version also includes maintenance to the AdWords, Facebook, and Google Sheets APIs, bringing them up to the latest versions. Other enhancements include:

  • Support for publishing to Tableau server and Online V10.2
  • Support for generating TWBX files in Tableau V10.1+
  • Authorization enhancements for Google connections (AdWords, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery)
  • Enhancements to the Google Sheets export
  • Cache cleanup enhancements in both desktop and automation modes
  • Updates to the email delivery feature to better support those using Gmail

Get Analytics Canvas Version 2.0

If you’re an existing user of Analytics Canvas, simply uninstall your current version through the Windows control panel, then download and install the latest version.  All of your settings and authorizations will remain in-tact.  If you have the Server Automation Add-on, be sure to go to the Automation menu and select "Batch file converter V1.x -> V2.0".

As with all of our releases, we worked diligently to ensure full compatibility between versions. Your canvases built in earlier versions can be opened and run in version 2.0. Similarly, Canvases built in version 2 can be run by those running version 1.8.8 or earlier.

Get Version 2.0


If you’re new to Analytics Canvas, sign-up to get your full featured, 30 day free trial.

We’re here to help you get started with Canvas or with any of the new features.  Email with your questions or use our meeting planner to request a support call.

Happy Analyzing!

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