Analytics Canvas V1.8.4 released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Analytics Canvas V1.8.4.

The latest version gives you new ways to export data, more options to help you prepare dashboards, access to the new version of Google AdWords API, and an enhanced Google BigQuery connector.

Do more with Google Sheets

We have added some enhanced Google Sheets capabilities to Analytics Canvas.

New Google Sheets export capability gives you the ability to write to Google Sheets. Now you can export your data into Google Sheets, collaborate with your peers, and further extend it with Google Apps Script.

Analytics Canvas V1.8.4 with export to Google Sheets

Another new feature is the ability to connect to a Google Sheet using a sharable link. You will now be able to access sheets available via a link and use them in your analysis.

Analytics Canvas V1.8.4 Google Sheets Import Link

Google Data Studio 360

The newest tool by Google, Google Data Studio 360, only connects to data from Google’s tools. We provide a crucial link between your enterprise data, your internal databases and files, and Data Studio 360.

Analytics Canvas’s users have two routes to get their data into Google Data Studio 360:
– Google Sheets Export
– Big Query Export

Connect to your databases and files, blend data, aggregate it and prepare it for analysis. Export your data into Google Big Query or Google Sheets and access it in Data Studio to build gorgeous visualizations and dashboards.

Analytics Canvas V1.8.4 - Database to Google Data Studio

Migrating your analytics to Google Data Studio? With Analytics Canvas you can automate the movement of data from databases, Excel files, and other data sources to access your company’s data in Google Data Studio.

Other Updates in Analytics Canvas V1.8.4

We continue to make progress on our new AdWords connector. While it is still in beta, the following improvements have been made:
– Reporting improvements (several new fields have been added)
– Improved reporting for quality score
– Inclusion of campaign bid estimates

We have also enhanced Goolge BigQuery cache performance and updated the list of dimensions and metrics available in BigQuery for Google Analytics 360 account holders.

Get the new version of Analytics Canvas

If you are currently using Analytics Canvas, simply uninstall the existing version, then download and install the new version. And don’t worry – all your settings will remain unchanged.

If you are new to Analytics Canvas, sign up to get the new version of Analytics Canvas for free here.

And feel free to email us at if you have any questions or suggestions.


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