Analytics Canvas V1.7.0 released with ready to use examples

James Standen Analytics Canvas Tool

Today, we’re are very pleased to launch the latest version of Analytics Canvas and to introduce some powerful new features that will make learning and taking advantage of the power Analytics Canvas easier than ever.

The key new feature in V1.7.0 is a library of ready made example canvases available instantly configured with your own Google Analytics data.

These canvases not only provide a pre-built dashboard in minutes, they also will serve as a set of building blocks to help users learn and master the art of building their own dashboards with Analytics Canvas.

How Example Canvases Work

  • Browse the example library right in Analytics Canvas
  • Select a canvas, and the Google Analytics accounts you want to populate the dashboard with
  • Save and run the dashboard– you’ll be looking at a complete dashboard in minutes

We have had customers remark that even after using Analytics Canvas to completely revolutionize how they do analysis, they are still discovering new things it can do. By creating a library of examples, we aim to supercharge the discovery process, and help everyone take their analytics to the next level even more quickly.

Block Groups and On-Canvas Documentation

Another important addition to Analytics Canvas in V1.7.0 is the introduction of Block Groups. Block Groups let users organize their canvases, label groups of blocks and provide notes and comments to help colleagues and collaborators understand their analysis.


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Using Block Groups to Share and Reuse Analysis

export-block-groups-to-file-for-sharing-analytics-canvasUsers of Analytics Canvas save huge amounts of time and are able to do much more because of its ability to automate and reuse analysis again and again. Along with Block Groups comes the ability to export individual blocks and groups of blocks together.  This makes re-using and sharing the analysis created in a canvas easier than ever.

For example, once a particularly awesome data cleansing and segmentation is created in one canvas, users don’t have to redo all that work in the next canvas, they can simply export the entire set of blocks to a single file and use that file whenever they need that analysis. Analysts can share their best files, and everyone’s analysis is faster, clearer and more consistent.

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Even More New Features to Improve Usability

Last year we surveyed our customers and they gave us a lot of great feedback that we’ve been implementing ever since.  Version 1.7 contains the largest set of usability enhancements to date and will help users to get up to speed faster, build new canvases more efficiently, and share their best work with their teams. We will continue to blog about the new features and functionality in the days and weeks ahead.  You can read more about the new features and download the latest version here.

We’d love to know what you think of our latest release.  Leave us a comment below or drop me a line at james @