Analytics Canvas V1.2 released

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool, Google Analytics API

We are pleased to announce that V1.2 of Analytics Canvas is now available, both in the free trial, and for upgrade to our subscribers.

This release of Analytics Canvas both keeps the application up to date with Google Analytics API changes, and adds some interesting new functionality. It makes it even easier to pull data from multiple Google Analytics Accounts and profiles, analyze, cleanse and transform it and pump that data into databases and files.

New Functions, and a new Pivot block

This version brings some new functions, particularly in the area of URL and text parsing.

It also adds a powerful new block, the Pivot block, that lets you exchange row values for new columns.

For example, if you query Google Analytics for visits by country and date, you get this:

After using the pivot block, you can turn the country into new columns, and get the total number of visits for each date shown this way:

Very useful for getting ready for different types of graphs. If you add other dimensions, you can then build multi-series bar, area or line charts with Country on the X-axis.

Google Analytics API updates

We work hard to keep Analytics Canvas on top of all the latest developments from Google, here are some of the recent changes:

  • New page load time metrics added: ga:pageLoadTime , ga:avgPageLoadTime , ga:pageLoadSample
  • Depreciated metrics and dimensions removed: ga:connectionSpeed, Confidence interval

To keep everyone informed, the Google Analytics API team posts updates regarding the API at this Google group:

We look forward to everyones feedback on the new version, and have even more enhancements in the works. We’re excited by enthusiasm of our customers and users, and amazed by the powerful and innovative analysis they are doing with Analytics Canvas.

To give Analytics Canvas a try, signup now for the free trial. Discover what you can do when you have full access to your Google Analytics data.