Analytics Canvas V1.1 more data, more flexibility

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool

We’re pleased to announce that Analytics Canvas V1.1 is now available, here are just some of the goodies you will find in this release:

1) Support for multiple Google accounts and full use of OAuth standards to make the authentication with Google Analytics easier, more secure and more powerful.

2) Enhancements that give more access to more data, through the ability to combine even larger numbers of profiles and Google Analytics accounts together.

3) Row based data profiling that lets you view the frequency and distribution of values in your data, and drill down into the specific row sets easily.

Multiple Google account management

Analytics Canvas now uses OAuth to provide a much more powerful and multi user account approach to authentication with Google Analytics. You can read more about this here– the key thing to know is that it gives you better control, and is the method recommended by Google.

Querying multiple Google Analytics Accounts at once with multiple profiles

One of the most popular things about Analytics Canvas is its ability to export data from lots of profiles all at once. We learned from our users that lots of profiles might mean, well, LOTS- so now the tool is able to pull data from literally hundreds of profiles if you’ve got ’em. New functionality manages very large numbers of profiles to let users with serious web properties whole new capabilities.

Row profiling and value distribution

Because we’re major data heads, we’re also excited about the new access you now have in Analytics Canvas with the introduction of some of our data profiling tools. With this functionality, you can look at histograms that outline the frequency of values in your data, and then drill right into the bar charts to look at the underlying rows.

And if you are looking at value distribution (for example, average time on page over your pages) the value distribution explorer lets you zoom in and out, and drill down into the detailed data.

To checkout this new version, signup for a free trial, and discover the next generation in data tools for your Google Analytics data.