Analytics Canvas Online revealed at SheetsCon 2020

Ameet WadhwaniAnalytics Canvas Online

Imagine Google Sheets without cell limits and BigQuery without SQL

As a data-prep tool with lots of connections into the Google ecosystem, we have quite a lot of customers using Google Sheets together with Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio and a number of other data sources.

So we were delighted when we heard that Ben L Collins, a Google Developer Expert for G Suite Technology & Data Analytics Instructor with a passion for Google Sheets, was hosting SheetsCon 2020 - the world's first online conference dedicated to Google Sheets!  

The conference features 10+ expert speakers on topics such as 'Automation with Apps Script' and 'Moving On Up From Google Sheets To BigQuery' - some of our favourite subjects!

The entirely online format means there's no need to travel to attend, yet there will still be ample opportunities to network, learn from peers, and of course, attend a virtual exhibition hall with technology vendors including Analytics Canvas.

Analytics Canvas Online unveiled at SheetsCon 2020

We've been quietly working away at an entirely online platform for Analytics Canvas and have decided to unveil our core functionality for Google Sheets users at SheetsCon2020!  

Conference attendees who visit our booth will get a sneak preview into the private beta and a chance to sign-up to be among the first users to:

  1. Connect to multiple Google Sheets - even from multiple Google accounts - to blend and prepare data for reporting
  2. Easily load data from Google Sheets into BigQuery
  3. Get data, up to 5M cells, from BigQuery into Google Sheets without writing SQL
  4. Process and preview large volumes of data, including data in BigQuery, using simple Google Sheets expressions 
  5. Blow past the 5M cell limit in Sheets, while still working mostly in Sheets, and so much more!

Generate SQL from Google Sheets Expressions

Perhaps the best feature for Google Sheets users is the ability to use Google Sheets expressions to process data in BigQuery.  Instead of writing SQL, users can simply write the same expressions they would in Sheets.  Something like this: 

SheetsCon 2020 Analytics Canvas demo of SQL Generation using Sheets Syntax

The graphic above shows a Google Sheets expression bring converted to SQL on the fly.

Google Sheets users can seamlessly interact with BigQuery, filtering down billion row datasets, or creating small reference tables, with just a few clicks.  No need for a developer, database administrator, or costly technical resources. Setup a data-mart entirely on your own, cleaning and preparing any-size dataset with simple Sheets expressions and not a single line of SQL!

Not using BigQuery?  No problem - Analytics Canvas Online connects to multiple Google Sheets and a number of databases, APIs, and file types, to bring in all the data you need.  It then offers a visual, drag-and-drop interface for laying out all the steps in your data workflow (combining data from multiple sheets, joining in reference data, performing calculations, aggregating data, etc.) and it has a built-in scheduler to keep your workflows running and your reports up to date.

And of course, Analytics Canvas Online will have all of your favourite data connectors, including an industrial strength Google Analytics connector, connectors to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and more as the platform rolls out from private beta into production.  

It has never been easier to work with data from multiple Sheets, with data in BigQuery, and with datasets that are too big for a single Sheet to handle. 

SheetsCon 2020 demo of Analytics Canvas Online showing a BigQuery + Sheets to Data Studio workflow with generated SQL

The graphic above shows the SQL that's generated from the visual workflow. This SQL can be copied and executed in the BigQuery console, producing the same results as the Canvas. 

Register for SheetsCon2020 + Analytics Canvas Online

SheetsCon2020 is free to attend, completely online and will happen on the 11th to the 12th of March, 2020.  REGISTER NOW and be sure to check out our virtual booth to get early access to the new Analytics Canvas Online together with a special offer exclusive to SheetsCon 2020 attendees!

Can't make it to SheetsCon 2020 (or missed it!)?  You can sign-up to enrol in our private beta here.