Analytics Canvas Premium, Google BigQuery Edition

Analytics Canvas Premium, Google BigQuery Edition includes an auto-SQL generator for your Google Analytics Premium account queries. Use the same visual interface you’re familiar with from Analytics Canvas and watch as the SQL is generated for you, saving hours of writing code and debugging queries.

Analytics Canvas Box

Version: 1.7.6, Google BigQuery Edition
Published: April 2015
Published by: nModal Solutions Inc.

System Requirements:
4 Gb RAM and higher
Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Download V1.7.6

Note: to use Analytics Canvas you will need a license key or a trial key. To access Google BigQuery you will need a Google Analytics Premium account and a Google account with access to both the GA accounts and the BigQuery data sets you wish to query. Learn more about getting started and connecting to BigQuery here

If you need assistance with your installation or have any questions about Analytics Canvas, please send an email to support (at)