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Your ability to understand what is happening on your page, and on your competitors pages is about to explode. With the Analytics Canvas Facebook connector, it is finally possible to access Facebook Insights data without all the mindless cut and paste out of massive exported spreadsheets.

Now a simple user interface lets you pull data in the formats you need, and create the reporting and analysis that will drive your Facebook page performance forward.

With a powerful query capability, and direct integration to Excel as well as Tableau Software, analysis of Facebook page posts, comments and likes has never been so easy and powerful.

Manage ALL your Facebook Page Reporting and Analysis

  • Multiple pages at once
  • Pull data from Competitors pages for benchmarking
  • Automate processes to eliminate mindless manual work

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Ensure that your organization is taking advantage of the power of Facebook pages and give your social media team the tool they need to understand what works, what doesn’t with your Facebook page content. Connect with us for a no-obligation consultation, to join our private beta, or join our mailing list for insights and announcements.

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