Analytics Canvas enters private Beta!

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool

betaHuzzzah! We are declaring the Alpha over, and starting the private Beta for the Analytics canvas tool.

We’ll start contacting the first private Beta testers who have signed up over the coming week, and we’ll get them up and running with the Beta1.

We just don’t have the bandwidth to have everyone who has signed up test at first, so please be patient. In particular we’re looking for people with specific analysis goals and REALLY big data to test out the tool, so if you think you fit this criteria email us at

But it’s not too late to sign up– as we get up and running with the testing, we’ll be increasing how many testers we can support at once- we’ll generally work on a first to signup, first to get their hands on the tool basis, so get your name on the list if you are interested.

You will find attached to this post a couple of screen shots- the challenge we constantly face is that we don’t really want to publish all our analysis showing our own web site traffic (we don’t like to share that with our competitors, for obvious reasons), but as we start to get some example data sets worked up we look forward to creating the screenshots and video area to highlight the powerful analysis possible. In particular, we’ll be showing how useful it is to be able to combine google analytics data with non-google analytics data- and the fantastic insights that are possible.

We’re very excited to see what our Beta testers discover when they get their hands on all this capability- If you are serious about your analytics, signup- discover a whole new way to get at your Google analytics data.