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Import from Sheets and BigQuery, Export to Data Studio

Affordable, easy to use, cloud based data-prep for the masses

Analytics Canvas Online is a cloud based data-prep tool designed for: 

  • Teams using BigQuery  
  • Google Sheets users who work with databases like BigQuery and MySQL but who don't like or don't know SQL
  • Google Analytics and Analytics360 users with lots of data, lots of Accounts and Views, and issues like sampling
  • Those experiencing performance and scale issues in Google Data Studio, or those moving data from SQL Server, Oracle, RedShift, Postgres and MySQL to Data Studio

Do you need to load up and maintain a Google Analytics data warehouse, get large datasets into Data Studio, move data between Sheets and BigQuery, or process data in BigQuery with or without writing SQL?  If so Analytics Canvas Online is for you! 

Private Beta Launching NOW!

Analytics Canvas Online is now in private beta where a select group of users are able to experience the power of the new online edition and will help to shape the product before the public release in the coming months. 

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      * while we will contact everyone who applies, there are a limited number of seats available in each round of the private beta. Invitations are sent in the order they are received, so don't delay!