Analytics Canvas Beta- V1.6.0 with Bing Ads API and Google Analytics Cost Upload

If the download doesn’t start automatically, please click here.

  1. If you have an existing version of Analytics Canvas installed, uninstall it first using the control panel.
  2. Run the new installer to install Analytics Canvas.
  3. When Analytics Canvas runs, it will ask you for your account number or trial key- enter in the trial key you have been provided, and your trial will be activated
  4. Each time that you run the application, it will validate this account with the licensing server. In trial mode, activity logging is turned off and no query information is sent to the licensing server.

Some useful information:

As well, we’ve made a series of online tutorial videos, which will help you get started these give you a step by step example of certain functionalities:

  • Tutorial 1– A simple Google Analytics query and basic navigation (2:43)
  • Tutorial 2– A multiple profile/ GA Account query- combining data (2:55)
  • Tutorial 3– Calculations and transformations (2:52)
  • Tutorial 4– The query library- reusing and sharing query definitions (1:50)
  • Tutorial 5– Filters and Segmentation with a keyword segmentation example. (3:14)

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