Analytics Canvas Add On Data usage policy

This page describes how your data is stored and used when you use the Analytics Canvas Google Spreadsheet Add on, a data extraction and transformation tool created by nModal Solutions Inc..

Personal Information

The Analytics Canvas Add on does not collect or send any personal information other than the Google account used by the user to log in to Google Analytics.

Usage information for licensing purposes

Because the Analytics Canvas Add on uses an nModal API project that has quota restrictions, API use is monitored.

The following information is sent to or recorded by the nModal licensing server when Analytics Canvas is running;

-The date
-The Google User ID of the user.
-The Account, Web Property and profile for each query used in the add on.
-The number of API calls, and the type of API call (but not the specific request)

The number of API calls is reported and monitored as certain quotas exist, and individual users may be limited in API access if they consume excessive numbers of API calls.

In addition, the application reports on general features used, to help nModal understand level of adoption of the various feature sets, as well as to let us contact users of specific features more directly for support and promotional purposes.

It does not record what detailed analysis was done, nor any actual Google Analytics web traffic data.

At no time does nModal have access to any Google Analytics accounts, nor does any Google Analytics data transit through nModal servers- all data remains in the Google Spreadsheet platform.

Passwords are never revealed.

When users login through Analytics Canvas, they are connecting directly to Google Analytics, their password is never seen by any other site or by nModal, nor are the OAuth Tokens collected transmitted in anyway.

Analytics Canvas uses OAuth to let the user authorize the local installation of Analytics Canvas, and the tokens remain with the Google Docs framework. This authorization can be revoked at any time through the Google account.