Analytics 360 Plan

The power tool for the most powerful Analytics suite

Get the most out of your Analytics 360 investment

With all the features of the Pro Plan, the Analytics 360 Plan is designed for companies and agencies that have Google Analytics 360 and wish to access the additional features available in their accounts.

  • GA Premium Features

    Access all Google Analytics Premium features: 50 custom variables, 200 custom dimensions, 200 custom metrics, and Google BigQuery.

  • Unsampled Reports

    Request and download unsampled reports directly within Canvas. Write to a single file or analyse the data before writing to dashboards and databases. Learn more.

  • R/W to Google BigQuery

    Access all of the data in your Google BigQuery account. Perform operations in the cloud and import only the data you need.

Yours for just $499/mo

The Analytics 360 plan is designed for those with a Google Analytics 360 (Premium) account.

  • access all custom dimensions and metrics in your 360 account
  • request and download Unsampled Reports
  • access hit level data from Google BigQuery
  • get your 360 data out of BigQuery without complex SQL
  • publish landing tables to your datawarehouse and TDEs directly to Tableau Server
  • create datasets and publish internal, enterprise data to Google Data Studio 360

Need more?

If you want to schedule your data extraction and reporting to have your datasets and dashboards ready for analysis, add the automation subscription to your plan. With it you can schedule jobs and fully integrate Analytics Canvas into your enterprise systems.

Ready to start your subscription?

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