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Analytics Canvas desktop gives you direct, visual access to databases, files, and the Google Analytics APIs. Extract, transform and analyze your data in a visual environment without SQL, VBA or specialized resources.

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Current Version: 3.7.4

Published by: nModal Solutions Inc.

System Requirements:
8 Gb RAM
64bit Windows 7, 8 and 10, Windows Server
Note: To use Analytics Canvas you will need a license key

If you need assistance with your installation or have any questions about Analytics Canvas, please contact us.

Upgrading? Simply uninstall your current version through the Windows control panel, then download and install the latest version on this page. Your settings will remain in-tact and your Canvas files will always be forwardly compatible.

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Check out our Quick Start guide and get familiar with how Canvas works.

Visit our support page for additional resources and don’t hesitate to contact us for personal assistance and a hands-on demo.

Video Gallery

We’ve made a series of tutorial videos designed to introduce you to Canvas and help you get started with step-by-step examples.


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