Premium Analytics Software for Google Analytics 360 Customers

Simplify repetitive and routine tasks of data blending, cleansing, preparing and publishing

Analytics Canvas for Google Analytics 360 Customers

You’ve invested in Google Analytics Premium but still need a way to get that unsampled data and all those additional dimensions and metrics. Analytics Canvas Premium gives you full access in a visual interface and lets you automate your reporting with ease.

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    GA Premium Features

    Access all Google Analytics Premium features: 50 custom variables, 200 custom dimensions, 200 custom metrics, and Google BigQuery.

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    R/W to Google BigQuery

    Access hit level data stored in your Google BigQuery account and perform complex queries in seconds with the optional AutoSQL generator.

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    No Coding Required

    Analysts can create and automate dashboards without SQL or VBA and since we keep up with Google’s API updates, your developers don’t have to.

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    Define frequency and automate data extraction, transformation and report generation using batch processes.

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    Enterprise Integration

    On-premise options enabling secure ‘behind the firewall’ solutions connected to enterprise systems and integrated with existing BI.

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    Unsampled Reports

    Request and download unsampled reports directly within Canvas. Write to a single file or analyse the data before writing to dashboards and databases. Learn more.

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    Multi-Source Data Analysis

    Connect to Google Analytics via APIs and import multiple sources of data from Excel, Access, SQL, mySQL, Oracle, or ODBC.

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    Upload to Google Analytics

    Connect and upload multiple sources of cost data and use our new bing API connector to automatically link bing Ads data.

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    On-site, desktop installation and secure connections to internal systems and Google Analytics keeps your data in-house and satisfies the strictest standards.

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    Advanced Analysis

    Drill into multiple data sources using a visual interface and perform complex segmentation, extraction and trasnformation on the fly.

Ready to start your Premium subscription?

Get three user licenses and access an unlimited number of both Google Analytics Premium and Standard accounts owned by your company for just $499/mo. Need an invoice or want to pay in advance for a 5% discount? Contact us.